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Solar coast of your mood! Welcome, we will make everything that to you it was unforgettable, cosy and comfortable at us!
The Hotel "Solar Coast"
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Our address: Ukraine, Crimea,
resort Saki city,
Marine st., 12a.
Be engaged in Itself, go in for sports, learn to play the big tennis.

The comment having a health-resort visitor:
The big tennis are the high enough physical activities certainly useful to a tone of an organism, for the bill prompt movement on court behind the ball which has been started up by the contender. The short distance and run with acceleration in pure seaside atmosphere will strengthen your organism. Besides, it is very interesting interestingly!
When to me have suggested to play tennis, I have concerned it rather sceptically. After all me more interested simply to run about cross-country or to play in football, and driving on a modern mountain bicycle in Crimea more involved. After first several games I have been disappointed and have started to lose interest. However, the competent trainer and to interest, as well as I, having a rest have encouraged me! There has passed the moment of accustoming and an excessive throwing on court behind a ball. I have understood as to play, how to hold a racket and game became it is very interesting.

Not all life after all to lift a bar or to run for the period of a distance. With the years it would be desirable something more comprehensible. Now at each chance I with friends rent a hall at myself in a city for game in the big tennis, recollecting perfectly spent holiday in hotel "Solar coast"....
Ukraine, Crimea,
resort Saki city,
Marine st., 12a
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