Solar coast of your mood !        Wellcome !
SPA hotel "Solar Coast", Saki city of resort Crimea peninsula. Welcome!
Resort Crimea, rest in Crimea, in Saki on sandy seacoast, medical mud cure.
Best soil courts for big tennis.
Copyright hotel "Solar coast", Crimea, Saki                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Dmitry I Grinyov
In more details about hotel "Solar Coast" and numbers look in "Attendance" sections, "Photo gallery". The resort hotel infrastructure allows high-grade individual or collective rest, both for the purpose of treatment, and for carrying out of business meetings, seminars, conferences, sports actions and so forth

In hotel territory are available:

- Cafe,
- Restaurant,
- Fitness club,
- An exercise room,
- Basketball and volleyball platforms,
- All territory with Internet connection by WiFi,
- Platforms of beach football and volleyball,
- Soil  courts for big tennis,
- Parking place,
- Sandy beach.
The hotel is located directly on to seacoast in a resort zone of Saki city - area of the improving centres and sanatorium establishments.

SPA and fangotherapy resort Saki as any other resort of Crimea peninsula, has unique recreational possibilities, the richest natural medical factors, the branched out network of treatment-and-prophylactic establishments, and also skilled medical experts that does its by one of the most competitive resorts. The nature has generously presented our resort with unique improving properties.

We will offer you:

- Competitive quality of service,
- Placing in one-and double rooms,
- A food depending on your developed habits and a diet with an abundance of gifts of Crimea,
- Unique curative fangotherapy (medical silt mud cure),
- A rational combination of business to tour,
- Stimulus and possibility to go in for sports,
- Useful and informative leisure.
Ukraine, Crimea,
resort Saki city,
hotel "Solar Coast"
Marine st., 12a
Territory of resort Solar Coast SPA hotel
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