SPA Hotel Solar Coast of resort Saki city, Crimean peninsula, Ukraine. On sandy bank of Black Sea.
Solar coast of your mood ! Wellcome !
Copyright hotel "Solar coast", Crimea, Saki, Dmitriy I Grinyov
The Hotel "Solar Coast"
Tel/fax: +38-06563-99273
Our address: Ukraine, Crimea,
resort Saki city,
Marine st., 12a
We know what there should be a competitive level of service that it is necessary to give to the person that he only positively responded about hotel "Solar coast" of resort Saki.
Harmonious combination of treatment and rest:
- First, treats unique on the curative properties and efficiency, at treatment of the big group of diseases, silt mud of Saksky lake.
- Secondly, saltwater of lakes, used in balnealtherapy (natural brine baths).
- Thirdly, salutary help - thermal hydrocarbonate - NaCl natural brine close on properties "Essentuki - 4" is used as for drinking treatment, and balnealtherapy (washings, an irrigation, a bath, medical souls).
- Fourthly, of course, the climate of the seaside area, which curative influence is a component of medical process.
The hotel numbers - prestige and ambition, the highest level of comfort and service.
Cosy, comfortable numbers are equipped by conditioners, refrigerators, satellite TV. In all territory of hotel be available possibility internet connections by WiFi. One - and double rooms - fine comfort and service, an optimum parity of the price and quality.

Medical procedures of treatment or SPA are carried out in the specialised centres of a resort zone - on option demand.
The hotel is located in territory by a total area of 4 Hectares on which take places:

- Cafe,
- Restaurant,
- Fitness club,
- Sleeping cases,
- An exercise room,
- Basketball and volleyball platforms,
- Platforms of beach football and volleyball,
- Soil big tennis courts,
- Parking place.
Currensy rate
Ukraine, Crimea,
resort Saki city,
Marine st., 12a
SPA hotel
Hotel Solar coast
Solar coast of your mood ! Wellcome !