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Resort area
The Saki city (between Simferopol and Evpatoria) is unique a combination of natural factors and is known from an extreme antiquity. Saksky curative lake with a medical mud and saltwater, and also sources of mineral water are supplemented with a dry steppe climate and magic skill of doctors. At saksky the end of a rerash near to highway the hill the Kara-tobe towers. Here it has been dug out scythian a site of ancient settlement.

The city of Saki is named so in connection with accepted in ancient persians sources a designation of Scythian tribes. Now the Asian Scythians name Saki, but in general Greeks said "Scythians", and Persians - "Saki", designating the same people. The city name completely not ancient also is connected with a fashion on antiquity in days of Catherine II.
In an opposite side at village Novofyodorovka the aviation garrison is located. It is well-known for the greatest in the world the USSR springboard for trainings of deck aircraft, and also the excellent airdrome. On it in 1944 planes of "the big three" - Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt landed. Directly in airdrome in the big army tent the simple Russian meal has been offered visitors: abrupt eggs, black and red caviar, a smoked salmon, vodka - however, such menu is good only on a frost and a wind.

Resort environs
The spacious sandy beach which convenient and has been not overloaded a resting people. The hotel "Solar Coast" is located directly on the Black sea coast
The Saksky salty lake is divided by a dam on two parts. The western pool - a reserve recycled raw-material base. In east it is possible to see, how extract a medical silt mud. The greatest depth of lake - all about metre, the maintenance of salts in рапе 15 - 25 % (in 10 times above, than in the sea). Under saltwater the layer of a mud to 2 - 2,5 m in the thickness in the lake centre, and along the edges more than 2,5 m. Under it a lens of table salt of 1,7 m, and more low - grey silts and, at last a box, radical breeds - red-brown clay lies down. On the south from Saksky lake there is a Mihajlovsky lake, the Cornel-jar and others, more small.
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Hotel "Solar Coast" Saki city, Crimean resort at Black sea.
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